Most of us spend our lives in pursuit of a happy, healthy, fulfilling, exciting, loving, relationship with a partner. Some of us find it and some of us don’t, but most of us enter one relationship after another in search of it, trying to figure it out. After all, it is a basic human need to want to share our life with someone. There are some common problems most couples are challenged with including poor communication, money management, different parenting styles, and growing apart. Infidelity often creeps in as well.

Most couple’s want to at least try to work things out and would find it very difficult to just walk away. Certainly, the underlying goal of therapy or of the therapist is to try to save the relationship by helping the couple work through their issues. However, there are many couples on the verge of divorcing who want help deciding to separate or divorce and then need help managing it. There is no reason to go through this alone and therapy increases the chances for change and a renewed relationship or at least a healthier divorce.