Codependency was a really common term in the 80’s and ’90’s that came out of the addiction field to describe anyone involved with an addict (includes alcoholics and will be referred to as a male) who tends to “caretake” and “enable”. They generally lose sight of themselves the more wrapped up they get in the addict’s life, making great efforts to meet his needs and calm his chaos. Their life revolves around his while their own needs desires are put aside and sacrificed. The addict is very skilled at attracting codependents into his life and often has several; a partner, someone at work, a few friends, and usually his parents or a sibling. They often stay involved however fed up they are because they don’t want anything tragic to happen to him so they are in “protect and rescue mode” a lot of the time. Eventually, they become so tired of it that they break away and surrender to whatever fate awaits the addict, however, some never find their way out. The 12-step program also has CoDA (Codependents Anonymous) and the same professionals are available. Choose to recover from the burden of codependency.