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The Joy of Recovery

Vallarta Tribune, Aug 6-12, 2006, issue # 487, pg 15 It is extremely important to recognize that healing from emotional pain whether it is caused

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What Are You Waiting For?!

Vallarta Tribune, Jun 18-24, 2006, issue # 40, pg 17 Many of you may have friends and family who have asked “what are you waiting for?!” It

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When is Enough Enough?

Vallarta Tribune, Apr 23-29, 2006, issue # 472, pg 19 I have written separate articles on addiction, codependency, and relationships and received many responses and

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Mental Health

Growing Older

PV MIrror, Nov 20-26, 2010, issue # 110, pg 17 So often our age sneaks up on us. We think we are fine and then

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