Addiction is a lifelong struggle; one that the can be experienced with or without sobriety and recovery. Without sobriety, it can be and very often is fatal; directly or indirectly. Addiction is very powerful and should not be underestimated.

There are many types of addiction including alcohol, drugs, sex, and gambling. There are also many stages of addiction and depending on how much it has progressed, depends on the problems it has caused in the addict’s life.

All areas of life can and eventually will be affected if the addiction is allowed to advance to a severe degree. The seven main life areas are: work/school, social, family, financial, legal, spiritual, and physical.

It is a very painful way to live for the addict and those close to him. It disrupts the entire family system and causes a great deal of emotional damage. Fortunately, there is hope; there is a way out. Help is within reach. There is a massive organized group of recovering alcoholics and addicts waiting to help save the next person. The 12-step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous is incredibly effective. In addition, the addiction field of professionally trained counselors and therapists are easily accessible. Recovery is possible.

  • Addictions

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    Other topics

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