Is this Transformational Retreat for you?

Do you feel unappreciated and that no matter what you do, it’s never enough?

Would it warm your heart to receive praise and recognition? How long has it been since you received a sincere compliment? When is the last time someone expressed heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for you and gave you a Big HUG?

We believe this is essential to your personal growth and healing process! So we created specific exercises and have carefully woven them into our daily routine, allowing each of you to practice providing and receiving praise and recognition, and expressing heartfelt gratitude to the group members.

By the time our week is over, you will leave with a wonderful collection of personally written notes, from each and every person, expressing praise and gratitude, You will leave feeling appreciated, recognized and validated, and will carry your head high!

Does your heart ache because you miss the closeness and connection with others?

In our interactive group work, we provide you with a safe and nurturing atmosphere to practice sharing your feelings, which is the lifeblood of achieving Connection.

You will listen and encourage one another.

Imagine the connection you will feel with each other! And, you’ll leave with the tools to replicate this in your every day life!

Has life become so overwhelming that you look for ways to numb and escape your feelings?

Can you imagine that every time a problem came up in your life, you faced it head-on with courage instead of numbing and avoiding it altogether?  
What ways do you use to escape your present reality…alcohol, drugs, television, video games, computers, smart phones? We are providing you with an opportunity to lean into your pain and FEEL, instead of escaping. 
That’s why we decided to take you to a remote beach location off the grid, where there are no temptations to distract you, and alcohol will not be served!

Feeling exhausted from trying so hard to make everything in your life perfect?

Imagine learning how to shift your viewpoint from perfection to one of appreciation.

After diving into our ART Journaling exercises, you will feel the pleasure and relaxation of getting lost in mixing colors and other creative expression, and you will… …watch your obsession with perfection begin to melt away.

Wouldn’t it be a huge relief to stop comparing yourself to others?

During all of our selected activities, you’ll learn how to let go of comparing and your thirst for validation, and learn that You Are Enough the way you are. 

You will let go of your need for approval!

We will all do the best we can, as we participate together in all of the planned activities… Even if we fall flat on our face! 🙂

Do you dream about having the Self-Confidence to really “Live Life”?

Do you find that you have become more of a bystander in life rather than diving in and giving it your all? 
Imagine wholeheartedly participating and feeling like part of the group.

You are not alone!

It’s truly a lovely feeling to shed your “invisibility” and show up, be seen, be heard, and cared about. Get ready for some very lively, fun times!

Are you ready to wholeheartedly embrace the beautiful soul inside of you?

Imagine shedding those inaccurate messages you’ve been carrying around all these years in your head.

Wouldn’t your life be lighter, easier and less exhausting, if you…
learned to replace them with compassionate, kind thoughts and inspiring truths about who you really are?!

Learn to connect with your heart and zero in on your true desires.

Shake Up Your Life and be among those who dare to go for what they really want.

Yes, it’s possible! We’ll show you how to dig deep and come up with a big handful of courage.

Let our music and play experiences take you beyond your comfort zone to a vulnerable place where you will discover how good it feels to take risks and allow new experiences.

…Come and discover the “New You”!

What Does A Typical Day Look Like?

7:00am   Good Morning! Rise and Shine!

You will awaken early to soft tropical breezes and the sound of gentle waves.

Delightful fruit, breads and beverages will be provided as a pre-breakfast snack… (Coffee, please!).

Then you’ll welcome each new day with a MEDITATION where you’ll learn to quiet the mind, observe your thoughts, and Be still.

YOGA on the beach is next, as you stretch, attempt poses, practice balance and become more flexible.


9:00am   Breakfast

A full hearty breakfast including fresh tropical fruits, is then served outdoors with a glorious view of the serene bay.

Many times whales decide to put on a spectacular show as they pass by, or even enter, the Majahuitas cove!

9:45am   Interactive Group Work…
…Let’s Dig In!

Time to gather for group work…… to connect, and interact as you share your story, listen to others’, and learn from each other as the group leader guides us along.

This daily group experience will EMPOWER you, teach you, touch you and eventually free you to be who you really are.

We have gone to great lengths to assure you feel welcome, safe and completely comfortablementally, emotionally, spiritually and even physically.


Time to tap into your creative side and Awaken the Child artist in each of you, in our ART Journaling exercise.

The topic of the day is processed quietly, as you look inward for ways to artistically and symbolically express your feelings.  
…No worries stick-figures are acceptable 🙂

And….you will PLAY!  A great time for fun and laughter!

You’ll dare to leave your comfort zone and do things you may have never done before….like kayaking, paddle-boarding, salsa dancing, and volleyball.

You will discover how good it feels to take risks and allow new experiences while the group cheers you on!

No winners or losers here… we will all do the best we can!

2:30pm   Lunch, Give Me A Break!

After a scrumptious lunch, you will take a well-deserved break!

You might curl up and take a great afternoon napleisurely swim, or walk up the river-bed …or perhaps sway in a hammock and dig into a good book.

Become Rejuvenated!

Treat yourself to a Relaxing Massage surrounded by nature in a secluded area. Allow your physical body to be renewed as our expertly trained massage therapists work their magic to release the tension… EXHALE as you feel the stress melt away…

If you’ve never had a massage, this is another opportunity to leave your comfort zone and allow a fantastic new experience into your life.

You deserve it!


5:00pm   Ok, What Happened Today?

We will gather as a group again to share your ART journaling assignments and stories of your PLAY experiences.

Time to Share!

It’s extremely rewarding and validating to hear what other group members experienced… whether it was challenging, funny, upsetting, makes you laugh or brings you to tears.

You will feel connected, understood, praised, encouraged, and will receive compassion and empathy.

7:30pm   Let’s Eat And Feel The Beat!

Now – Dinner!

A lovely 3 course meal will be served to us as we gather at an authentically Mexican dining table, under a HUGE candle-lit “chandelier”! The delightful flavors of our meal, together with the atmosphere of the candlelight, is “barefoot elegance” at its best!

After dinner, it’s time to Shake things up a bit with some MUSIC!

Have you ever “drummed” before? It’s an experience you will always remember!

…and then it will be time to enter the stillness…

You will sit under the stars and have a Calming MEDITATION before you head back to your “Casitas” and snuggle in with your pillow.

Sweet dreams – until tomorrow!

The Team

Lead Therapist
We have put together an amazing team to work with all of you!
We want to maximize your experience and valuable time spent with us on this transformational complete immersion experience.
Each of the team members brings their own unique style and approach and years of experience and wisdom.
We will work all together in one large group as well as break into smaller groups throughout the day.
You will benefit from having three awesome dedicated therapists to guide you through your healing journey.
     We will be with you all day, every day, and participate in every single activity with you!
Unheard of, but true! You will receive over 9 hours of various types of therapeutic activities per day or more than 36 hours for the week!
Just imagine the combined benefit of all of us working together with you and towards your highest good!
This kind of therapeutic interaction is priceless!
It is a very unique concept for a retreat and one that will be life changing. 

The Venue

Majahuitas is a small family owned resort, remotely located just south of downtown Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on the south shore of Banderas Bay.

Our selection of Majahuitas Resort was made specifically to compliment the work you will be doing. Heartfelt work needs to be done in a soothing, peaceful environment.

We will have the entire resort to ourselves… No other guests, just us!

The natural environment invites you to Let Go and Unwind.


You will enjoy one of eight lovely open-air traditionally Mexican “Casitas”. Because the Casitas are open air, the bedrooms are not fully enclosed, although the beds are privately situated (not next to each other or seen from one bed to another).

Imagine lying in bed feeling the soft breeze and waking up to the amazing views!

Each of the individual Casitas have between 1 to 3 beds and 1 to 2 bathrooms. Each person will have their own bed, unless you come with your significant other or a close friend and prefer to sleep together. You and your Casita-mates will share the bathroom(s).

Majahuitas Resort runs on gas generators and some solar power.
There is no other electricity source anywhere at the resort – which means you get to take a break from technology!

NO reason for laptops – tablets and cellphones optional.

NO nightly news, no hairdryers – makeup is optional.

NO WiFi will be provided! However, most cellphones do have good reception, but use your data sparingly. There will be opportunities to make phone-calls or be on the internet, (using your own data), during the breaks. You WILL be able to charge your cell phone or tablet.

Either way, your family back home will have an emergency contact just in case.

There is refrigeration for medications

The Cuisine

  • dining table
  • Ceviche
  • Enchiladas
  • Octopus_Cocktail
  • Fish-Tacos
  • MahiMahi
  • PecanPie

All of the meals are prepared with fresh ingredients bought daily at the local markets. A small team of experienced chefs delight in creating speciality unique plates, typical of the region. The meals are delicious, hearty, and beautifully plated. The non-alcoholic, tropical fruit, home-made beverages are sure to quench your thirst!

You will enjoy a unique blend of international and Mexican flavours, chillies, and spices that compliment the variety of seafood, fish, chicken and beef dishes, as well as vegetarian dishes. The side dishes are equally as good and satisfying.

Each bite will be a new experience as the combination of flavors burst in your mouth!

Whether we eat in smaller groups or gather all together as one, you will be personally served by the excellent wait staff.

What’s Included

  • All Transportation to and from Resort
    You will be met at the airport and guided to your own personal taxi that will take you through the City of Puerto Vallarta (about an hour ride), and will deliver you to the small beach where our boat will pick you up for a 15 minute ride to the Resort. (same for departure day)
  • Accommodations in one of the 8 open-air Casitas
    We will work with you to be sure you are comfortable either sharing with someone you know, or with a new friend.
  • All meals and non-alcoholic beverages
    And just in case you get hungry during our activities, we will also include some healthy snacks and refreshing purified water, infused with thirst quenching combinations of lemon, mint, pineapple, cucumber, orange, and basil.
  • All Art Supplies
    Everything from watercolour to crayons and the Art Journal.
  • Yoga Instruction
  • All Equipment Rental for Play Activities, ex: paddle boards, kayaks, snorkeling equipment
    We’ve thought of everything! Arrangements have been made to rent and have available onsite, a large number of paddle-boards, kayaks and even snorkelling equipment, to have at the resort so that we can enjoy all of these experiences together.
  • ALL Tips

What’s Not Included

Air Fare –  if you are travelling to Puerto Vallarta
Medical Insurance – We highly recommend that you purchase Medical Insurance before your trip.
Trip Cancellation Insurance – Just in case something comes up
Relaxing Massage – not included but highly recommended