Are You Ready to Change Your Life? GO OFF THE GRID

Get ready to dive into the satisfying and rewarding heartfelt work that awaits you at Majahuitas Resort. Grab your swimsuit, hat and sun glasses. Be sure to pack your play clothes as we join together for days filled with interactive experiences. As we tempt you to leave your comfort zone and try new things. 

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes!

That’s right! That’s why we need you to leave your comfort zone in order to change…. Join us for this unique Complete Immersion Experience. 
Feel your courage surge from inside you, as you rise to each occasion and embrace each activity with joyful curiosity and the willingness to change.
Allow the shift to occur as you let go of old beliefs and break old patterns and invite new ways of being and feeling. Meet the new you!

What if in just 5 days here, you would no longer worry about what other people think?!
What if you released your longing for approval from others?
What if you dug so deeply into yourself that you found the beautiful soul that you really are?

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